Ash-A-Tack Mix

10 years ago I went on a holiday alone to London to score some music.

After a couple of days I ran out of money, because therewas just too much to be found.

A couple of the things I came back with were the Acido Amigo and Son of Acido album.

Next to that it was my first introduction to Jungle. I bought a mixtape somewhere around Camden town from a DJ called Ash-A-Tack.

To celebrate that introduction I have digitized the tape and put it here for your listening pleasure.

Stream or download.

  1. t

    And that’s the way it should be done: first tape compression, then digitalization.

  2. m

    VHS compressie is ook een optie…nouja compressie…

    doop deze gouwe ouwe, ik sluit vlug mn cassettedeck weer aan….om die stream te capturen!!!

  3. Acieed Ed


    Jij hebt toch nog wel een kopie van die tape liggen?

    Ik kan me herinneren dat ik die 8 jaar terug aan je gaf 😉

  4. Ed

    Finally figured out some more tracks from “Undercover Agent”

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