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HOT MIX 5 record release

Small movie / interview on mixmag A new overview album with Hot Mix 5 tracks was released recently.

Plastikman’s Arkives

The time has arrived for all kinds of overviews and look back box sets etc. This time we encountered “Arkives” from Plastikman. There are a couple of different versions of this: Reference (CD’s mainly) Digital…

Trax digital catalogue @ Bleep now has a huge stack of Trax records as digital downloads. Even the acid house album that makes all other acid house albums obsolete is available.

Terrace – Face Infinity

There is a new album by Terrace: Face Infinity. It is very dubby. I was wondering if they had been listening to a lot of Rhythm & Sound trax down there in Eindhoven. Wladimir M…

HLT Flashback IV: HLT Crew goes Armani

This is an early recording from a quick R8 + TQ5 semi-live mash-up, which was inspired by the music from Robert Armani. Recorded @ Klup82 in 1993. HLT Crew – Armani 01 HLT Crew –…

HLT Flashback II: HaHaHa

As promised something new which was found on an old USB stick. The HLT Anthem with the title: High Low Tekkno HaHaHaHa! Video no longer available

HLT Flashback I: Phantasy Zone

In a couple of posts, counting down (or up) to the HLT release launch party presents a series of HLT memorabilia. Today: Phantasy Zone’s SpaceLab II flyer

Storm – In Sync

Net zoals Khalid hem draaide in de Rustende Jager. [Update] Download this track from Irdial records’ archive