16 years later…: Careful Digit

This weekend I finally got my hands on Careful Digit; the full length album by Eric Nouhan and Dimitri. It took no less then 16 years for this album to be released… All props for Marnix from Loveland for the energy he has put into getting this done.

Go Magazine’s review talks a bit on how nostalgic all this is and how old-fashioned the production sounds. I think it is actually a masterpiece. Almost a genre on its own with unforgettable tracks like Given Flower’s “4 U” that grabs you by the throat and drags you into a whirlwind of ever faster and faster and faster melodic beats. The complete circus of Alice D. in Wonderland’s “Time Problem”; subtle tinklebell sounds that end up in a banging techno track.

Admittedly not everything is that good, but it is great to finally have a nice and good sounding overview of Nouhan’s work.

This morning I listened to the Orlando Voorn remix of Time Problem. He took the hypnotic element and made that the center of the track and left out the banging stuff. It works nicely with in- and outfading bells and flute sound and some “sawlike” Detroit string sound accomapnying the quite mellow drumtrack.

One more thing on “4 U” – the way that this tracks is mixed into Wladmimir M’s “Evil” on Dimitri’s excellent “Static Tracks Vol. 1” is so great! After the whirlwind has calmed down you just have a basic 4/4 bassdrum that makes you think “Oh no, what’s next??” – and then suddenly those eerie Wladimir M strings drop in. Incredibally melancholic – great stuff!

BTW, Wladimir M and other Eevo Lute tracks are now also available on several download shops like Bleep.

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  1. Acieed Ed

    One more thing on Bleep – A Guy Called Gerald is making his back catalogue available there. Yes – also the first acid and house stuff. Yes yes, even Voodoo Ray. Well – guess he will not make the video available there (hihi)

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