I just got some emails through my discogs profile from companies that want to sell me records. Sometimes I like that and sometimes I hate that – it depends a lot on whether it is some ebay crap or a nice looking normal shop. This time it was two shops in two days, both from the Benelux.

  • Plastic Fantastic – a nice collection of oldschool and they seem to have an awful lot of hiphop and 70’s and 80’s stuff if you are into that.
  • Footworxx with also a lot of oldschool and some new-beat gems there as well. They also carry techno and electro.

The search interfaces are not as smooth as you’d want them to be – but they make up for that with their collection.

Through the Footworxx site I stumbled on binary bassline records which is a Belgium based Acid label. Ha – maybe I will even order something there.

Today I am expecting two Drum & Bass records with heavy Acid lines in it – best of both worlds.