Aesoteric 17-11

Two and a half months ago when I was still travelling in Australia I decided I’d take a shot and email the organisers of a weekly electronics night in Mount Lawley, Perth if they’d like me to spin a few records. Soon after Dave Clark (not to be mistaken for Dave Clarke) invited me to close the night two weeks from then with a set from twelve till one.

So I went to the local recordshop, bought some more records and taught the good people of West Australia what real electro sounds like, rather than the electroclash taking over the continent. Included were tracks by a. o. 8 Bit Rockers, Advent, Aux Men, Dynarec, Fastgraph, I-F, and Mr De. The result was supposed to be recorded, unfortunately it wasn’t, so I did the next best thing and rerecorded the set back home for all to enjoy.

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  1. Acieed Ed

    Another 60 Meg for the iPod – will check it next time on the bike

  2. javier

    If I knew you were in Australia I would have bought you a beer. Anyway thanks for educating the confused masses to what electro should sound like with that set. Yeah ‘electroclash’ seems to be growing here at an exponetial rate. I’d don’t understand it nor care really but I do get annoyed how acid seems to get taken under the umbrella of electroclash being so ‘retro cool’ and all. Sorry for the rant.

  3. distorientation

    No worries, I hear ya! Everytime I set foot in an ozzie recordstore and look thru the electro section there was heaps of electroclash or electrohouse (whatever that is anyway) in it. Pisses you right off! In fact all the records I played did NOT come from electro sections, bargains 11 out of 14 times, the others were secondhand and found in mixed bins.

  4. distorientation

    Actually I did find one of em in an electro bin, the Like-A-Tim one. It was secondhand tho.

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