Update: Here is a Amen Andrews Megamix

Received a couple of Amen Andrews 12-inches last week. Can’t stop playing them.

The BPM’s are also listed on the records. Mostly around 175 BPM (+/- 6) but also (rarely) some slower and faster things. Highly Recommended for the Breakbeat and Jungle fans out there.

It sounds like we are back in the beginning of the 1990’s with hardcore breakbeats, jungle etc. Samples like: “Mash Up This Place”, “Watch Your Bass-Bins” and many rave sounds such as hovers and Altern 8-like stabs.

On the Rephlex website you can here a couple of samples (like this one) and I might post a Amen Andrews megamix soon, so you can check out more 🙂

Ordering from Warpmart is quite convenient. They carry a lot of good stuff in one place. Even things that are not so much Warp related like UR records.