Since Analord 10 just hit the Australian shores and 8 also popped up I’ll give a definite overview of the series. As an EP, 9 takes the cake: 4 unique acid tracks as only AFX could have made them, no retro, fast paced hyper-active stuff. 11 contains perhaps the most ingenious work in the series, with two synth-laden monsters and some IDM dwelling.

Other stand-out tracks in the series were Photonacid on 2, very melancholic synth-pop / house crossover, and Reuniun2 on 5, with a strange combination of piano-like sounds, synths and acid lines over a nervous beat. The EP’s as a whole did not measure op to 9 an 11 though, 2 being too melancholic and too monotonuous and 5 lacking serious progress in the tracks. 8 is also a lovely part, more ambient but not as heavy as most of the others, however for me it lacked substance.

The rest of the EP’s did not measure up in my opinion, most of them containing either replacable “analord” style tracks or directionless fiddling, with each of them containing several hardly interesting tracks. 10 Would make a nice clock though.

Final rundown of the series: checked all except 8 and 10. standouts were 9 & 11, both featured several great tracks that give a different unique sound, 9 being very acidic and 11 very dark and filled with synths. Other standouts are 2 and 5, both of which rely on 1 great track; 2 being slow and a bit sad, 5 being faster and a tad nervous. 3 and 7 relied heavily on one track as well, but those don’t really stand out either. 1, 4 and 6 sounded altogether very inconsistent and lacked memorable tracks.

Update: Checked 6 & 7as well. 6: A-side is more retro-ish with clear hints of SAW in it, a bit melancholic for my tase and lacking originality. B-side contains one shorter slower track and a electro-ish piece of weirdness that lacked any direction or substance.Not my cup of tea. 7 Sounded superfluous, like the others, with more pronounced beats and different styles for the tracks, but very forgettable.

It’s about time for me to shine my light on the Analord series so far. I must admit I didn’t check all the Analords yet. Checked 1 and 2 right when they came out, but was a bit disappointed. 1 seemed to lack consistency and was a bit experimental for the sake of it IMHO. 2 was slower and pretty good, but too melancholic for me. And a bit too slow for use on the dancefloor. Checked 4 and 5 later, and maybe 6 as well, 5 being the highlight until then, although a bit unusable for me. That was until I checked 9 and 11…

Today I bought 9 and 11 straight away, pure genius! 11 A is a great and epic piece of dramatic moody IDM. The B1 sounds similar, but shorter and less brooding, also great. B2 and B3 are slower and less emotionbal, apathic almost, which creates a nice contrast.

However the absolute gem is 9: 4 tracks of absolute acid madness. No retro shite here, never heard any acid like it. A1 is a nerve wrecking fast-paced stormer building up to a more emotional state, to turn to a more fragile state towards the end. A2 and B1 sound alike, almost as if they were remixes of eachother. A bit slower, but very empathic, each one of them with their own twist in atmosphere. B2 is on the other hand a lot dryer, with lots of effects. Unlike the others more functional than emotional.

These two records have definitely renewed my faith in the whole Analord series, time to check out the ones I missed. For now the conclusion is simple, 9 is the one to get if no other. I’ll definitely make good use of this one soon!

  1. Fré (absolute.ruler)

    Analord … I’ve never been a great fan of the post’94 AFX-man. I can appreciate analord 2 (it’s slow and causes some kind of a TRAX records reaction to me, euh, pavlov?) and 11 (it’s the end and I can feel it, euh²). All the others are (at least for me) less then average, especially if u take into account that this series is by the hand of the man that brought us SAW 1 and SAW 2 as well as Polygon Window and Gak (my fav’s). I guess D. James is fully aware that his (artistic) quotient is not everlasting (cfr. the complete superfluous DRUQs album) so he’s filling up his bank account NOW in order to garantee his old age pension (*gossip-alert* !! the man got married with a Suisse no that long ago). Anyway, I am not enthousiastic about the series and I would not be surpised if we will get a “Analord: The Album” some day too (a compilation of the best trax from the 12″es, also available on CD) whether it’s gonna be on Rephlex – the coming months – or on Get Back within a few years. (have u noticed they repressed the AFX remixes on a double album?)

  2. distorientation

    I agree that 11 is one of the best pieces, still prefer 9 tho, and 2 is probably best after. I don’t think this series is all about mo money. I think there’ll be something in every record for someone who hears it. BTW I read this whole project is vinyl-only. Will try to fill in gaps later, should get a hear at others except 10 this week.

  3. distorientation

    Well, I guess I shouldn’t shout “final rundown” so prematurely! A last general note: the whole melancholic acid theme that runs through most of the series for me does notmuch more than reminding me of Green Calx, which was better than most of the Analord stuff anyway.

  4. distorientation

    Minor update: I did end up buying Analord 2 after all, albeit at a “discount” (for australian standards anyway). It is a lovely record, even tho a bit sad, and I’d rather buy it now than regret not buying it when it’s sold out, which I think I might. After repeated listening it grew on me as well.

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