Author: Acieed Ed

Acid in da house

We got Acid in da house Acid in da house Acid situation don’t need no explanation We are the ACID GENERATION As usual – these kind of real audio links can expire.

Happy Birthday Acidnet

What does it look like? A weblog indeed. That’s what it is. I called it Acidnet. It makes it easy for me to do updates and maintain the Aciddome. I must say I am rather…

Acieed Ed’s Record Collection

If you are interested, you can check out my discogs profile and record collection. I recommend everyone to become a member there and start adding to the database.

April 4 – BukBuk – MZR Live

Friday April 4, Buk Buk Venue, Heiloo MZR and his famous Noize performance! Bring your own strobes, whistles and earplugs 🙂

Seneca – Het gelukkige leven

Dit boek is te vinden in iedere bibliotheek. Geschreven rond het begin van onze jaartelling. Dat is ongeveer 400 jaar nadat Zeno de Stoicijnse leer uiteengezet heeft. Ik ben benieuwd wat er nog van over…