Humanoid Acid Revival

After re-releasing the old Caustic Window acid-violence, Rephlex has now surpassed itself in re-issuing obscure Acid with this:

Grab a copy while you can. Click on the links to see some references to reviews. Most notably they all state that this is not an excersise in nostalgia. Well, that’s what I also always say, but truth is, it rings back a lot of memories.

Anyone up to a philosophical debate about nostalgia? One of the elements is a certain feeling of grief, because you know that the events you are thinking of will never take place anymore with the same intensity and surprise.

Blow your whistle!

Update The records arrived by mail today! Humanoid pwieppwieppwoo!

  1. Niek

    I’ve been spotting quite an acid revival as well, although both eurotechno and the sessions weren’t quite my thing, eurotechno not working for me because there are too many too short acid snippets and very annoying sounds in between, and the sessions seeming to be too much experimentation for being experimental rather than creating something which sounds good.

    So what have I been spotting? Like a Tim’s Little Acid Tracks, great humorous acid-electro crossover, and the Ceephax Acid Crew of Andy Jenkinson, also an electro-acid crossover, but much more banging than the little acid tracks. Perhaps an acid revival, but having little to do with nostalgia.

    Besides, I became aware of good electronic music in 92, so no nostalgia to ’88 for me.

  2. Acieed Ed

    I think you have to reconsider. The sessions contain some great tracks. I agree that the soundtrack is a bit snippet like. But it works nicely in the mix!

  3. Niek

    Maybe I will… Gotta go to Rush Hour tomorrow anyway. New AFX release is just in, checken die shit!

  4. Niek

    I Did check the sessions again, still won’t work for me. I guess it was mindblowing back in ’84, but in the light of today I personally think only the first 3 tracks are still good. The rest sounds nice at best. And as for groundbreaking old records, Hashim’s Al Naafiysh (or something) from ’83 sounds way better.
    New AFX release turned out to be crap, one distorted 2 step kind of track and on the flip two noise tracks. Definitely not my cup of tea.

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