De plaat met het vrouwtje

One of the very best most classic Dutch techno records has been re-released somewhere in 2008. It was digitally remastered from old DAT tapes in the Eevo Lute Vaults.

The track which was known as “de plaat met het vrouwtje” is included below:

  1. m

    ja vet tok tok!
    30 sec 🙁

  2. Acieed Ed

    Nog eens op play, gaat ie verder

    Of ff kopen voor die twee euro op bleep

  3. distorientation

    Of gewoon de vinyl luisteren, 8 euro bij RH. Geen geld…

  4. Acieed Ed

    we are so lucky with all this stuff coming out and now finally being able to afford it 🙂

    Unfortunately the so called ‘remastering’ almost makes it sound distorted!

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