HLT Flashback III: Acid Storm

During the winter of 1992 / ’93 we used to have Sunday mix sessions @ Klup82. In the ongoing series of HLT nostalgia, I proudly present the “Acid Storm” mix. This one was done by Matthieu, Acieed Ed & Martijn S according to the sticker on the tape.

This is a large download; 114 MB (links at the end of this post).

A bonus prize goes to the one who first correctly identifies the voices all the way at the end of the mix.




download or stream

  1. baxnation

    im searching more of this retro acid techno from the the 90’s in mp3 of compilations with the full tracks in it…

  2. tjoink

    E. Bekker!

  3. Acieed Ed

    That is correct! Choose your price.

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