March 12 – 2005 – Retroactive

Check It Out – Another reason to go to Brussels!

Acid with Sendex and friends on stage.

  1. de kardinaal

    one of the many reasons to go!

  2. de kardinaal

    It was dirty, brown and miserable. In a good way. Railwaystation Brussels-Kapellekerk was transformed into a small dance area. That meant that you could buy your beers at the regular ticket selling desks. The information panels were used as postersurface. And there were plenty of arrows that during nights didn’t lead anywhere, but during daytime probably helps travellers out. the audience was a mixture of alternative, alternative, alternative and a few other people. Musically it was nothing but acieeeed. Old grooves, some old hits were played over and over again due to the five differnt dj’s that appeared. Seems to be difficult to stick with acid and play a unique set, although some of the dj’s had very different technical skills. Besides the classic acid works I also heard some old records that I never had heard before. Sendex’ live set was not fully acid but nevertheless very entertaining. Some melancholic tracks came by and some stunning acid. A vivid liveset! Then for me it was time to go. The train was waiting for me to leave 😉

  3. Acieed Ed

    haha – See, I told you – another reason to visit Brussels. Let’s all go next time and stay with our favourite sister-in-law! 🙂

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