Arrghh – I just don’t have the time for mixing. Yesterday was fun with Il Disco and Robin S. @ Parkhof and I just wanted to listen to some stuff today. I recorded it , so I can check it out again some other time.

messed up

BTW – It is also called like this because I feel messed up after all that beer that Il was force-feeding me!

Note – a lot of stuff from compilations and such. Generally I do not care that much on which pressing I have it, as long as I can play it.
It is also better to keep the originals in the sleeve, as you can hear on the ninth track 😉

One more thing: after the intellectual Florence track I really wanted to hear some more funny stuff. Trying to defend myself against the danger for taking yourself too seriously.

01. Ehh – don’t remember
02. Tyree – T’s Revenge – link
03. Phortune – House Rights Fight For It – link
04. A.J. Scent – Sleaze Me Off (Instrumental) – link
05. Petra & Co – Just Let Go – link
06. Reese & Santonio – Back To The Beat – link
07. Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath – link
08. Intercity – Out Of Control – link
09. Reese & Santonio – How To PLay Our Music – link
10. Florence – The Vineyard – link
11. Unit Moebius – Beat That Perculator – link
12. E-Zee Possee – Everything Begins With An ‘E’ – link
13. Some track from Ceephax Acid Crew
14. Ells “D” – Took My Love Away (I think) – link
15. Beatmasters – Don’t Stop The Beat – link
16. Blake Baxter – One Mo Time – link
17. Armando – Pleasuredome – link
18. Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Armando’s Mix) – link
19. Armando – Here We Go – link