In 1993, Mike Dearborn visited the Netherlands and played a set on VPRO’s Dancing Zone – our favourite radio show at the time. I got a tape with Mike’s mix and a Mozart concerto on it for my birthday in that year.

The coolest part in the mix is where Mike just throws in the same track of the Acid Junkies twice after each other. This track was and is still legendary and apparently he liked it a lot as well 🙂 !!!

The tracklist is not complete, if you can add to it, please do so in the comments. I was to lazy to look up some things also, Most tracks are on Djax-Up-Beats. The Djax site has been dead for yeasr, but just got a brand new look this month.

  • 1 K-Alexi – Club MCM (Mind Control Music)
  • 2 Ron Trent – Altered States (East Side Mixx by Carl Craig)
  • 3 Mike Dearborn – Deviant Behavior (thnx Niek)
  • 4 Robert Armani – Circus Bells
  • 5 Robert Armani – Fire Alarm (thnx nils)
  • 6 Edge of Motion – Overvolt (thnx Niek)
  • 7 Acid Junkies – Some track from Part 1 or 2 (twice)
  • 8 Like A Tim (I think ??)
  • 9 Edge of Motion – Set Up 707
  • 10 ?
  • 11 Jeff Mills – Dark Matter (Reload, thnx nils)
  • 12 ?

Download this mix and start headnodding like back in the days.