New mix: Crier le soir

Nervous RecordsTried to look up some “mellow” records yesterday, but it turns out most of them are in storage. This old mellow mix has been offline for quite a while, so I attempted a new one. It is not very well done, but hey, I am getting old as well.

Some artists, trax etc in no particular order:

  • MK – Burning
  • That string track
  • Wladimir M stuff
  • Robert Owens, Mr Fingers (Distant Planet)
  • Some Alleviated records
  • Slam – Positive Education
  • Some Strictly Rhythm records
  • CLS – Can you feel it
  • Marshall Jefferson – Open Your Eyes
  • Phuture Jacks
  • Blake Baxter – Frequency
  • Some Wonka records
  • Quazar
  • Crystal Waters

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  1. Distorientation

    Hadn’t checked in in quite a while, nice to see some new mixes again! on the DL…

  2. annelid

    What’s the name of the Strictly Rhythm records played?
    There’s one with some serious heavy beats and a guy talking about ” the fires…stop america, cause I can live in a world like this..people rushing, not looking after each other”.

  3. annelid

    Thanks for the reply!
    That Waldimir M tune is kick ass…. 😀

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