Old Dutch Music

On Fonos you can ask for a reproduction of any old Dutch records ever made. Except one record label – Warner. It is a very interesting initiative. Indeed, so interesting that they cannot keep up with the damand. What does this indicate?

In my opinion it shows that people cannot get what they want through normal channels and are therefore in search for music through other alternative channels (know what I mean?). I cannto understand why these record companies don’t open up their old catalogue – also with less popular artists and music – and make it available for a reasonable price. What is taking them so long?

I hope that old Dutch house-vinyl will also appear in the collection. House-Party Volume 1 anyone 🙂 ??

  1. m

    zow man kwist niet dat de dome zoveel bezoekers had die weer linkten naar fonos…
    fonos is overbelast op t moment…(ja tis kwart voor 2 in de n8, ben ik tog niet de enige …:)

  2. aed

    Zeker – kijk maar naar die geinige nieuwe counter (rechts onderaan) op de dome

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