Orlando Voorn Megamix

In the light of the recent re-releases of old R&S material.. I got a copy of some old Orlando Voorn trax and have been thinking about making some kind of compilation of some of his stuff. He has made so much stuff that is next to impossible to give any kind of overview.

Well, I gave it a try and although the mixing is not as easy as it used to be, it was fun to do.

1. Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Disco – ESP
2. Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Blues – ESP
3. Energy Storm – Synergy X-Pansion (mix) – ESP
4. O. Voorn – Burn – R&S
5. Complex – Dream World – Fragile
6. O. Voorn – Snakecontrol – R&S
7. The Nighttripper – The Phuture – ESP
8. Fix – Flash – Electrofunk
9. Ghetto Brothers – Muzik – ESP
10. O. Voorn – Bite Before You Bark – Ignitor
11. Ghetto Bros. – Pumpin’ Bass Manoeuvres – ESP
12. The Nighttripper – Unfuckingbelievable – ESP
13. Complex – Midi Merge – Fragile
14. Fierce Ruling Diva – Believe (mix) – React
15. Format #1 – Solid Session – ESP
16. Alice D. In Wonderland – Time Problem (mix) – Loveland
17. Format #3 – Burning Passion – ESP
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  1. Niek

    Nice! Always loved the man’s work, tho some more than others. It is indeed next to impossible to give some kind of overview, I think I have 5 of Orlando’s records, none of which are on this mix. Tho I’m probably forgetting something…

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