Naam O.W.A.P
Datum 15-10-2005 (zaterdag)
Locatie The Powerzone
Prijs 25,00
Prijs aan deur 35,00
Straat Daniel Goedkoopstr. 1-3
Plaats Amsterdam NL
Tijd van 22:00
Tijd tot 07:00
Line-up Danny Rampling, Joost van Bellen, Dimitri, Mark Verbos, Eric de Man, Cassie 6, Groovemaster Johnson, Roog, Mc Kinky, Miss Bunty

Live : Analoge Acid
Website http://www.thepowerzone.nl/

  1. de kardinaal

    Alas, the Powerzone 🙁 , rather go to the Vooruit 🙂 the 29th!

  2. R@MIREZ

    What’s wrong with the powerzone? Why is the 29th so much better?

  3. R@MIREZ

    OK, now I found out what’s wrong with the Powerzone.

    1st of all: the music and people themselves were OK. I even saw the famous Rasti Rostelli, he was quite busy hypnotyzing a much younger lady.

    But the sound! Absolutely awful! At most places you could hear the sound twice. In addition, the speakers would not produce any tones in the midrange, even when standing in front of them. It really spoilt the sound of some good music (which I found a bit too “happy”, I like the more “dark” technical acid). And then drinks were ridicicously expensive, if you could even get 1.

    They won’t see me again in that place.

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