Rewind Label Selectah!


Soundmurderer and SK1 are releasing great tracks on their Rewind label. Unfortunately the records are hard to get, but at least you can listen to some mp3’s on their website.

Soundmurderer is known for creating a cd which is known as the best jungle mix ever which contains a mere 60 tracks on it. Sounds amazing – where can we listen to it?.

Of course the Rephlex site put me on track of this again.

  1. Acieed Ed

    Check also for some Dutch Hardcore Ragga stuff. Bong-Ra and his friends.

    Some tracks are over the top (for me), but I guess that’s a matter of taste.

    Very funny to hear this f!#@$ed up version of “I’m A Junglist” from the Congo-Natty people.

  2. m

    doop hoor!!!!
    maar pas je wel een btje op met die breakcore???

  3. distorientation

    Heb die shit effe flink hard aangezet. Dat zal de buurman leren 10 uur ‘s ochtends te gaan boren!

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