Sendex – Acid from Dutch Ground

Sander Meyer – aka Sendex released two fine Chicago style acid 12-inches. You can check out samples of the Exposure Ep which I just scored at the Courthouse.

  1. Sander

    Excellent release.

  2. humanchip

    Ha,ha…Very funny, Sander!

    But You’re right, very much excellent release..

  3. Sander


  4. K Notario

    Excellent release… in my box for the nights.
    When and on which labels can we see more of this?

  5. Sander

    Maybe later this year.

  6. Max

    If you have some more trax ready, let us know overhere! We can put something together on vinyl here. No doubt.

  7. Sander

    together? nope. It would be a record of my own again.
    Btw who are you?

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