Sound in strange capsules / Edgar Varese

Today and tommorrow, it is possible to see, feel and hear some strange capsules imported from Vaskuland and Emzarria…
For in Den Haag this weekend, Emzetter and Vasku & friends made it possible for the public to meet the capsules from these faraway but not forgetten lands…
Besides of that the festival will be centered around Edgar Varese. This guy made in the early twenties new original classical music and expereimented with new sounds like sirens in his works. In 1958 he made a special track for the ‘Wereldtentoonstelling’ in Eindhoven voor Philips. This piece is one of the first electronic music pieces and sounds very funny !!! Besides the soundpart of this ‘Poeme Electronique’ there were dias and films also involved in the ‘modern’ show.
On the festival Den Haag there will be a remake of the show Varese made in 1958, so check this out or look for the track on Soulseek!!!!

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  1. Acieed Ed

    I like the photos a lot! Hopefully I will ike the music also.

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