Streettrickz fighting gravity…

Check this movie for some real streetbody-art, deze gasten hebben schijt aan de wetten van de
zwaartekracht en jumpen en draaien overal over heen…op het speelveldje achter je huis en in de straat…
Op hun site nog meer spektakel…


    vuile leugenaar!!!!

  2. AED

    Nog meer vette shiel – Le Parkour:
    Le Parkour is an anarchic fusion of athleticism and urban philosophy, which is rapidly spreading across the globe. The philosophy behind the mindset of Le Parkouristes is drawn from a surprising set of mainstream, modern, cultural references; Star Wars, Spiderman, The Matrix, Bruce Lee and Martial Arts. Combined, their ‘performances’ are a melting pot of romantic dreams, strength, escape and freedom that have touched a generation.

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