Surfing On Sine Waves and more old records

Yesterday I swapped a version of Acid Eiffel for Magic Feet. Nice swap with Il-Disco.

Also there was a copy of the Polygon Window CD in the racks that I did not take with me last time. Now I did! Hoeray! It also contains two extra tracks.

What a great album. I like it best of all AFX stuff. My vinyl copy is getting a bit old. So, for the future I needed the CD. Hell, I might even buy a CD player with pitch just to be able to counter more of this problems. The prices have fallen considerably the last few years.

Also coming on vinyl again is some more old DJAX stuff. Amongst these is supposedly Edge of Motion’s splendid record: Set Up 707.

I understood that a record company should repress a certain piece of music once every 10 years otherwise the rights to be able to publish it should be negotiated again with the composer. This is on the one hand good news, because we can get that old stuff again in crispy new vinyl. On the other hand you might be a little sad, because you spend to much money in the past for a collectable second hand copy.

The first sentiment certainly is more strong with me. Wannahave 😉