The End of Frankey Records

Update: The third mix of records bought during the last days of Frankey’s clearout sale contains some of the more acidic records I found there. The tempo is roughly between the first and the second mix. The start had some hardtrance off of Rising High & Space Teddy, the rest is proper acid with recors of a.o. Junkfood, Djax-Up-Beats, Synewave and X-Trax.

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Oldschool: Download or Stream and Tracklist
Hardcore: Download or Stream and Tracklist

Update: here’s another mix I did with the records I salvaged at Frankey’s closing down sale. This one contains a lot of the oldschool records I found, although there’s still lots more where that came from. Most range between ’88 and ’92 including lots of R&S material, some Frank de Wulf, some Franky Bones remix work, Shamen remixes, and definitely some acid influences. Still in the pipeline: hardtrance & acid!

Oldschool: Download or Stream and Tracklist
Hardcore: Download or Stream and Tracklist

On friday the 19th of january Frankey Records in Haarlem closed it’s doors for the last time. Even though I didn’t go there very often anymore lately I still think it’s a shame, I used to shop there very often when I started collecting and found some great stuff there.

But as we all know, elk nadeel hep ze voordeel, and in this case it meant the closing down sale they had: pretty much everything was 2,50. In two days of digging I bagged 80 records. Some hardcore, some house compilations, 10 strictly rhythm recors from the good days, a fair bit of acid, some techno, some trance from the good days, and some odd stuff here and there.

Ofcourse I had to fool around with these stacks, and so here’s the first result: and hour long gabber mix. Some oldschool, some newschool, haardcore, nordcore, napalm rave, body lotion, H2OH and at the very end even some acid. Enjoy! Coming soon: oldschool!

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  1. Acieed Ed

    He – a shame indeed but I guess with the Internet now being the main sales channel for records it will happen more often.
    Will check the mix also at work – found some guy there who used to be into Hardcore a lot.

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