Today I was visiting The Hague – well known electro city and murder capital of NL – for some work-related business. Of course I took the opportunity to visit LaLaLand, a second hand record shop.

After looking around a bit I discovered the “new” records section with Dance/Techno and Electro. And to my great surpise there was a silver sleeve with a small white sticker saying “Acid Planet”. What!! I thought, could this be possible. Finally I end up in the city of the Unit Moebius and immediately I find something. Turned out the salesman of the shop had a box behind the counter for a long time he discovered when cleaning up the place and I bought the last record from that box. So another nice addition to the crates of acid. This is it on discogs, number 006.

BTW – The old Acid Planet releases are being re-issued as CD’s. MZR got one in his hands already. Acid Planet 001.

I also bought some old AFX stuff, a triple vinyl containing Joyrex J4, Joyrex J5, and Joyrex J9. Some people complain it is not the original, I don’t care. I am happy enough with the music.

Last thing, couldn’t resist buying some more Legowelt: Klaus Kinski EP . Nice as usual.