There are a number of releases coming out that are very much acid:

  • DK7 – WhiteShadow / Slipstream (Output)
  • Anthing on RZ Records (recently: Back to the warehouse E.P)
  • Stuff on Rephlex (808 State’s Prebuild)

All that, and finding the Evil Acid Baron Video make 2004 a good acid year.


Some of the house and acid stuff I have managed to get my hands on this year in one mix. Not everything is from this year of course but quite a lot. Most of it has been released long time ago, but as Il-Disco always says: “Why play new records when there are old records to play?”

Download or Stream

I am thinking about a jungle year overview also with all that Congo Natty material lying around here.

  • Phortune – House Rights
  • Liddell Townsell – As Acid Turns
  • John Rocca – I Want To be Real (Farley’s Piano Mix)
  • Master CJ & Lizz Torres – Face It
  • Mr Fingers – The Juice
  • Liddell Twonsell – The Groove
  • Dj Pierre – Acid Pop
  • Dk7 – The Slipstream
  • A-J-Scent – Sleaze Me Off
  • Tyree – T’s Revenge
  • Farley jackmaster Funk – You Ain’t House
  • Frankey Knuckles – Waiting On My Angel
  • MD Connection – The M Rules
  • Phuture – Acid Tracks
  • Phuture – You’re Only Friend
  • Donnie Tempo – Mental Problem
  • K-Alexi – Electronic Melody
  • Longsy D’s House Sound – Dance Fever
  • Reese & Santonio – Grab The Beat
  • Fierce Ruling Diva – Trance Europe Express
  • Woody McBride – Basketball Heroes