Discogs Tournament Submission

A while ago I took part in the discogs tournament. Since the voting just finished, I thought I’d share the mix on the Acidnet. I was in group X, the group where the idea was to mix as many styles as possible (at least I did a pretty good job at that). My interpretation of that was to mix a host of tracks that seem unrelated, but which taken together all sound extremely lively and dynamic. It’s a slightly extended version of the actual mix I submitted on discogs, I couldn’t finish my original idea in time because of technical problems with my mixer.

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  1. Acieed Ed

    Yo Distorientation, what a weird competition that was. If I am not mistaken, there were more mixes then votes! I think it is a nice idea, but impossible to do it like this with so many mixes. Anyway, I like your tracklist with all that different stuff in it.

  2. distorientation

    The biggest problem with the competition (I think) was that there was no clear rule on voting a few groups or everything. Thoroughly listening to 40 or so mixes is quite a job. I barely made it in time myself. So I think many members never finished voting or never got around to voting. Anyway, it was fun to do and fun to listen to all the other mixes, there was some seriously great stuff in the competition.

  3. distorientation

    according ot one of the organisers, only about 25% of all downloaders actually voted. Who knows how many votes I would’ve had if the other 75% also voted… 😉

  4. Acieed Ed

    Too bad of all this spam

  5. distorientation

    Holy crap! This spam is taking epidemic proportions now. I disabled all comments at my reviews after finding 3 spam messages in my inbox after 10 seconds, but I guess that’s just a drop on a glowing plate

  6. Acieed Ed

    I forgot to delete some old comment script and that was used by the spammers. I deleted it now, so hopefully it will get less of a problem.

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