24 Oct. 2008 – keep this date clear

More old stuff

hi lo
hi lo

* HLT reunion @ Buk Buk, Heiloo – really the last time, after that we will not bother you anymore (promised).

  1. tjoink

    Yes! Dunno if we should make such promises though..

  2. distorientation

    Any live recordings?

  3. Acieed Ed

    Someone made recordings, but I do not know if they will ever go online. I think it is too risky for the world…

  4. distorientation


    Oh well the world is in deep crisis already anyway…

  5. m

    HLT op zn dieptepunt…
    ff die minidisk tevoorschijn halen…

  6. Acieed Ed

    Damn – I thought we were done with this now. Here we find ouselves in 2010 on the verge of another night of misery and pain

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