Practice what you preach!

A mix for about 115 minutes with techno, acid etc.

Beginning: Lots of stuff from In Order To Dance 5 and Laurent Garnier’s Laboratoire Mix
Storm: Speed Jack
Jeff Mills: Reverting
Teste: The Wipe
Essit Music
43: Perpetual Motion (Saunderson mix)
53: Derrick May: The Dance
54: Wladimir M: Evolution (Eevo Lute)
59: Some Orlando Voorn track on R&S (?)
1:05: Underground Resistance from Acid Rain 1 (Shockwave Records)
1:09: Unit Moebius: Ep Number 6 (?) (Bunker)
1:13: Unit Moebius: Ep Number 5 (?) (Bunker)
1:17: ?
1:20: N-Joy (?)
1:24: Outlander: The Vamp (R&S)
1:28: F.U.S.E.: Substance Abuse (+8)
1:34: Format: Solid Session
1:38: Speedy J: Pullover (+8)
1:40: Alice D. In Wonderland: Time Problem(BeST Records)
1:45: Jambo: Drun Attack (Wonka)
1:52: DHS: The House of God
1:53: Robert Armani: Muzik Man (ACV)

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  1. m

    vet dakkuh hier
    especially @ 1:23:03

  2. Acieed Ed

    Glad you like it 🙂 N-Joy
    There is much more where that came from !!

  3. annelid

    Can you provide some track listings?

    What songs are being mixed @ 46:33? *has that kooky tb-303 sound!*

  4. Acieed Ed

    Hi, I didn’t write it down and don’t know all things by heart. But the one around 46 minutes that gets mixe din shortly and then goes away is a Joey Beltram remix of Grab The Beat. See also

    The one however that is playing constantly around that time is something remixed by Kevin Saunderson. See

    A whole tracklist will be difficult , but I will note it down more detailed later this week if more requests come in.

  5. Annelid

    Thanks for “naming that tune” ! 🙂

    Cripes, I haven’t heard that tune in ages….and hearing again brought back some awesome

    Anyways, thanks for the track name.

    And Hello from New Jersey / NYC.

  6. distorientation

    Finally got around to listening as well. Good stuff, always great to hear some of those classics again!

  7. Acieed Ed

    we are so lucky with all this stuff coming out and now finally being able to afford it 🙂

  8. marcie

    hi there, this mix which is for download is 45:10 min. my question, what is the track about 27:30 until 32:00 min……

    would be great if someone helps



  9. Acieed Ed

    It’s Fuzz Face; New Friends (from the Laboratoire Mix box set by Laurent Garnier). You can also find ‘Old Friends’ on The Acid Life by the Acid Junkies for example.

  10. Droobius

    Hey, this is such an amazing mix!!!
    Could I get an ID for the first 2 songs?

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