7B Records and Pop-Quiz

The nice label 7b Recorsds is about to launch their 3rd 12″.

On the website you can find some prelisten tracks in mp3 format. The first track is by Plastique De Rêve and is an Acid/Electro track called Do It! The question is, where do the lyrics come from that are in the Rap. I have the idea it is from the Wee Pappa Girl Rappers, but I am not sure.

The other tracks are by Aster, the lovely Staubsauger and the final track is by Monoblock-B. The Plastique De Rêve track is my favourite, which is no suprprise for people who know me 🙂 Tweak those basslines!

  1. plastique de reve

    its not the wee pappa girl rappers..

    a free copy of the new 7b 12″ to the first correct answer

    hint: listen to what girls say

    competition excludes members of 7b crew and friends with whom I’ve had too much to drink

    good luck 🙂

  2. Acieed Ed

    Hmm, The Cookie Crew?

    I cannot seem to buy the record anywhere – so I hope this is correct – no time to listen now, but if it is wrong I will definaely try that hint 🙂

  3. plastique de reve

    ha ha no it’s not the cookie crew

    good try though

    check the lyrics


  4. Acieed Ed

    I found it! Listened to the lyrics and heard TNT me and my Sis’ etc. So – it is TNT.

    Then of course, I wanted to verify this..

    A small search on Discogs revealed this release: http://www.discogs.com/release/144811

    And indeed… that must be it!!

    Cheers, Acieed Ed

  5. plastique de reve

    aaaah…. no.

    it’s not tnt.

    does say ‘me and my sis gonna do this’

    but these are other ‘sisses’

  6. Acieed Ed

    I give up 🙁 I guess I will just have to order it from somewehere.

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