CD-Player with Pitch — Are you Crazy?

I said it before and finally did it. I bought the Gemini CDJ-20.

Of course everybody is calling me names and looking at me like I lost my mind, but actually, I kinda like the small beast.

Advantages: It gives me access to productions from our dear friend MZR during mixing and some old records I only own on CD also are available now in da mix.

Disadvantages: pitch is 16% over a very small distance. And it is in steps of 0.1% – not analogue, so you keep fiddling a bit with pitch bend to compensate for this.

In general I am quite satisfied that for a small 250 Euro’s I have this thing now.

  1. m

    gefeliciteerd alte!!!

    kom maar op met die obscure hlt mixjes van de past!!!!

  2. aed


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