7Days of underground – Gent

15 – 23 July: Lots of Acid / Techno / Breakcore going on in GIA CATARO, Gent.

For more info check this link and click on more (below) for a say-to-day schedule.

Some random artists from the list:

  • JOOST G. (darkforce.nl)
  • ASTROBOTNIA -live aka Ovuca (Rephlex, Fin)
  • SICKBOY – live (mirex, tigerbeat6, peace-off, be)
  • Raggamuffin Whiteman (DST Kru,FWF,BE)
  • CEEPHAX ACID CREW – live (breakin’ records, uk)
  • RA-X – live (angelmaker, kk-records, bunker, nl)
  • µ-Ziq live(planet mu, UK)
  • LUKE VIBERT (planet mu, warp, UK)

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7Days of underground
mixing you a fresh blend since 2000!

Special guest appearance by BEATOXIC! (feat. Roxorloops beatbox champion)

15july / 7D acid-techno:
C-MIKRON(spaztic guest dj)
ZE MIG L (minimalistix, toxic, Pt)
CANNIBAL COOKING CLUB – live (chan’n’mikes, Ger)
MAN RAY aka Jamie Dill (local, Galaxy)
D-Dell (pompwerk, 7d)
Celtric (Analog Pleasures, FGA)
Preben (7d, mutate)
16 july / 7D hardcore:
Dj Oëto (D32)
HELLFISH (deathchant, uk)
SIMON UNDERGROUND (underground music, epileptik, uk)
CASUAL CLUB -live (fotonrecords)
JOOST G. (darkforce.nl)
Subversa –live (pro-tek, striking wave)
Flameboy (darkside, planet kor)
Mankment (7d, mutate)
17 july: Canard Bizar:
BASS ODESSEY (jamaica)
NSG SOUND (belgium)
+ dance-acts by jamstyle & dancehall queen contest winner
+fruitsalads & jamaican rum punch
18 july: Noisy Cyclone Maniaks :
BRZ -live (TDK) NL
D-Fens (noisy bastards) vs Xtor80 (melomaniaks)
Prophile (noisy bastards) vs W-sap (cyclone, combine)
St.ethics (noisy bastards) vs Menace (noisy bastards)
19july / Toyfabric:
ASTROBOTNIA -live aka Ovuca (Rephlex, Fin)
FILARIA (Electrotoxic, N Ireland)
FLEX BUSTERMAN -live(aka patric catani, system corrupt, DHR, ger)
ISTARI LASTERFAHRER -live tbc (Sozialistischer Plattenbau, Sprengstof
INFINITE SCALE -live (toytronic rec, uk)
Boys withoys -live
Mutant (planet kor, darkside)
Toy-D-Sign vs Wakobi dj’s (toyfabric)
Sgt.Sonar live (bugklinik)
Satyr-x live (breedbeeld)
20july / 7D Breakcore:
EITERHERD (widerstand, aus)
SICKBOY – live (mirex, tigerbeat6, peace-off, be)
NOIZE CREATOR -live(zod, suburban trash, ger)
ALEXDEE (phantomnoise rec, ger)
MIMAKU SPLDAT -live (phantomnoise, zod, ger)
THEE VAPORIZER (zod, robo, phantomn)
LOWDJO (fotonrec)
Muschka (7days, spectrum)
Johny Wizard – live
dj Monorph (bye le banal)
21juli / Project Mars-raggajungle/d’n’b
R.A.W. aka B-Boy 3000 (Destruct,Surveillancesound,USA)
Eye-D & Dj Hidden (Genosha,fear,soothsayer,ghetto
Raggamuffin Whiteman (DST Kru,FWF,BE)
Lady Lite ft. Mary Jane (Dedkob.com,BE)
Rhumble(Hydra,Mash-up bizness,BE)
F.U.B.A.R. aka Zippah,Feedback & Cypher (Be)
Cann & Mèche (Crazie eddie & Project Mars,BE)
22july / 7D acid-rave:
Continuum (apparatus, ddd)
CEEPHAX ACID CREW – live (bugklinik, breakin’ records, uk)
RA-X – live (angelmaker, kk-records, bunker, nl)
SEAL PHÃœRIC (ambivalence, reload)
ACIDMADNESS -live (arkanoid vs mr gasmask)
dj Mush (7days, pompwerk, bliip.com)
Zeck (7d, mutate)
23juli / 7D Planet-mu label night:
µ-Ziq live(planet mu, UK)
LUKE VIBERT (planet mu, warp, UK)
CHEVRON -live (planet-mu, UK)
K-os (Apparatus, 7d)
Barry Lynn -live (bugklinik, UK)
Yeti (apparatus, 7d)
X&Trick -live (7d, bugklinik, bee)

Multipass reservations: 7days@bliip.com
Location: GIA CATARO, Wiedauwkaai, Gent (over railroad left) -Belgium-
for more detailed info, please check: www.bliip.com/7days
mail: 7days@bliip.com infoline: +32 (0)494165030 or +32 (0)479315518
watch out for posters / flyers

  1. charlie

    waaah i love ceephax! they were so great on 7days, and absolutly love their short movies [favourite: return of mister blobby ]
    blobby kicks ass

  2. Mercedes

    no, dour and gentse feeste are gonna ruin this! shit!
    why isn’t this in august?!

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