June 17 – Voltage Controlled – Gent

Voltage Controlled

Organisatie: Analog Pleasures – Narcosis
Plaats: Rector (Gent, Belgium)

Sendex live (Bunker rec, nl)
Dj Speculator (Bunker rec, usa)
Dj TLR (Bunker rec, nl)
Zeck (mutate)
Celtric (analog pleasures)
PHC live/dj (analog pleasures)
Phobiak vs. Metamorph (narcosis)
Parazoid (narcosis)

Entrance free ! music: acid/electro funk

  1. distorientation

    Useless! What’s wrong with listing parties in Melbourne?

  2. Acieed Ed

    Nothing – be my guest 🙂

  3. distorientation

    Nothing much so far on the acid front, will keep my eyes & ears open tho.

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