A Visitor From Another Meaning – Hills Of Honolulu (Viewlexx)

A Hills Of Honolulu
B The Rising

After a few months of airplay on the CBS this new Alden Tyrell Record had finally been released on Viewlexx. Like always Viewlexx brings us a fresh perspective on early 80’s electronic music.

The title track has some distinct Italo disco influences, but with a faster pace and a more optimistic atmosphere. It’s very loop based without any major developments throughout the track, but it’s strong drive makes you forget about all that, and the frequent alterations of loops make the track sound very dynamic anyway.

The Rising is a bit slower and starts out a bit more rigid than the A side. The long sounding string also contributes to that feeling. As the track goes on it started to grow on me, sounding ever more natural and fluent. Then the increasing amount of dynamic in the song caused me to close my eyes, drift away and just let the music roll over me.

In conclusions this is one of the most enticing neo-disco records so far. Most records in this genre tend to sound either moody or relaxed, but the strength of this particular records is the loose, unenforced atmosphere, which is more energetic on the A side and more mesmerising on the B side.

  1. AED

    OK – een beetje positieve vibes in de muziek is altijd leuk. Ik zit de hele tijd van die depressde new-beat te checken. 😉

  2. distorientation

    Bedacht me opeens dat ik ‘t in ‘t Nederlands had gepost, toch maar even vertaald.
    depressde new-beat, da’s nieuw voor mij. Wanneer komt er een mix?

  3. trh.23

    could we have the playlist please ?

  4. Distorientation

    Playlist? you mean of the Easy Listening mix I did?

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