Azumi – Swordfighting again

At this site you can read something about Azumi – another sword-fighting /samurai movie which is all the craze these days (from 2003).

In August there is the Ishido seminar in Amsterdam for some more swordplay as well as Jodo (fighting with sticks).

Have a nice bloody summer (just kiddin)

  1. ryzahlynn tillaman

    i really luv watching azumi…its my favorite…i also adolize nachi or ginkaku in part 2 but i dont know his real name…
    nice job for the cast and the way im from philippines…
    great movei ever….god bless and more power

  2. distorientation

    Saw this movie a while ago on MTV of all places, apparently they got some weekly (?) spot for Japanese cinema. Missed the start but was nevertheless very impressed by this movie, even tho it’s extremely violent the focus is clearly on the characters.

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