Acid Tape Tenerife 1988

A timewarp straight from 1988. Nice wheather, exotic atmospehere, happy hour and ACID! A tape donated by Robert James (the guy from the Acid Scooter), gives you some idea of the Acid state of affairs in Tenerife 1988. It was recorded on 29-7-1988 in the Benoit Bar. Thanks Robert!

I edited the tape somewhat so the hip-hop and top 40 music is no longer there. Note that the MC somewhere says that soon they will play normal music again! Great 🙂

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  1. AED

    BTW – the whole mix is now only about 40 minutes

  2. m

    but dont we need some hiphop, for the “hele plaatje” ???

  3. AED

    Not for you MZR – the download link was not even there… That would have been a more appropriate comment – LOL!

  4. m

    but you said:”I edited the tape somewhat so the hip-hop and top 40 music is no longer there” so i thoought was wrong with public enemy?

  5. distorientation

    Word! after CBS changed Elexploitation Monday into Black monday I haven’t been getting my doses of hiphop anymore, so anything would be welcome

  6. smileyrobuk

    Hi Guys – Having listened to early House/Acid music in 1987 this was the first time i had experienced Acid as a new wider fashion being played by DJs from London on holiday. The atmosphere was brillient with the mix of hip-hop, balearic etc. I went back in 1989 but the Bandit Bar had been converted to a clothes boutique and so went a brief period of Acid history! Rob smiles…

  7. Anonymous

    lache man

  8. Anonymous

    fantastic mix here, do you know what is the track starting at 3m 10s ?
    best wishes

  9. jim

    WOW !!!!! I’m downloading now. I remember this tape from about 89/90

    it was doing the rounds of all my mates. can’t wait to listen…..



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