Old School Acid Video

Check out the Evil Acid Baron Show which I found somewhere on the net.

Funny to see how the video codec had some trouble encoding. Guess the images are a bit to freaky for it.

  1. smileyrobuk

    Great to see this resurface – I still have the original video and always remeber the visuals were very abstract!! Cool..

  2. m

    vet vet vet!

  3. de kardinaal

    i believe they still have one piece at the Buk. But can we get this on dvd?? That would be really cool. Freakin’ shiel!!

  4. K2

    Unbelievable they did this back in, what was it ’88?? Been looking for this vid for quite some time, now looking for it in better quality though 😉

  5. Acieed Ed

    I found a copy on ebay once – for only 8 pounds! Maybe that is something to try every now and then.

  6. aciied dave and ecstacy sasj

    fokkin wicked m8!!!!avin it

  7. Oli

    I want to get some amen breaks to use in Logic!
    Anyone tell me where?

  8. Fré

    ff een diazepammeke bijgehaald …

  9. Didier Drogba

    Your all a bunch of geeks talking about acid. Grow up, get a girl friend, or a social life of any kind you losers.

  10. Acieed Ed

    Haha- the coolest comment I have seen in ages.
    A geek that is reading stuff from geeks and even takes the trouble to say something about it 🙂

    Sound like a great life! Inspiring.

  11. Random Guy

    LOL Classic comment from Acieed Ed, whoever he is. Well i happen 2 know the guy that left that comment, and well… he could have come up with something better

  12. microdot pat

    Spent many hours watching this with my mate tripping on acid back in 1988-90. Absolute quality! The tunes & visuals work realy well together creating different moods. The best bit i think is when the whole lot slows down & that bird is waving here arms & the church bells are bonging (a dark trip mood) then the next track is so uplifting (magic in your eyes). The sequal Eurotechno was no where near up to the standard of this true classic. (“Get right on one mateys!”)

  13. PDX

    Wicked !

    Cheers for that! Brilliant.

  14. MKUltra

    ACIEEEEED, the music is a bit commercial, I used to DJ over it, mixing in and out, it really starts to kick in about 18 minutes IMHO. I’m such a geek I even know what they used to get the visuals, boy you had to be rich to do that back then.

  15. Meike

    I like it..a bit freaky idd but very nice

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