Electronica Mix

This mix from a few months back shows a more abstract side of my collection for a change: it’s a nice trip through the realms of ambient and IDM, ranging from Banco de Gaia to Slag Boom Van Loon, from Fluxion to Locust and from Mind Over Midi to Quick & Brite with a lot of Warp records and other nice electronica in between.

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  1. AED

    AI – Wel erg space hoor in het begin. Moet ik even voor in de mood zijn wil ik dat afluisteren 🙂 Maandagochtend misschien?

  2. Distorientation

    Op zich is zondagmiddag ook een aardig tijdstip.

  3. De Kardinaal

    vrijdagochtend werkt ook wel

  4. pat

    great mix but cuts out after 12 mins, what a shame!!!!!

  5. Distorientation

    It wasn’t supposed to do that. Somehow the size went from 20+ mb to 6 mb. Maybe Ed can shed some light on this?

  6. Distorientation

    Update: the cut-off realaudio file has for now been replaced by the original 192kbps mp3 file, which might be converted to a new realaudio file in the future if server space is running low.

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