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Disabled Deep Links

After allowing deep links for years I now made it difficult to deeplink to my mixes. Too many sites were using it as a source of content for their commercial activities. Nothing wrong with that,…

Aciddome Events

Testing some calendar thingy here Let me know what you think.

DJ Lamot – Last Night’s Acidpunch

Aciddome proudly presents, from one of the Zodiac Commune DJ’s: Dj Lamote: Last Night’s Acidpunch Recorded live oldskool-acidmix Saturday, March 11, 2006 on the Acid Virus party @ Effenaar (Eindhoven). Running for more then 2…

28 Januari – Italo Time

28 januari Italo Party in Het Teejatercafé in Naaldwijk 28 januari 2006 (dus niet 27!) – Italo Party in Het Teejatercafé, Naaldijk Goed nieuws voor alle Italo en High Energy fans! Op zaterdag 28 januari…


If you ever use it – you can help them

Aciddome updates

Hi, I am currently updating the aciddome back-end. We might experience some problems due to that.

Aciddome Recordshop

If you want to check out the online aciddome recordshop, check it out here.