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303 Day 2019

Cashing in as much as possible on the TB-303 legacy (first with the TB-3 and then the TB-03), Roland has now also made a VST plugin which is part of their monthly Roland Cloud subscription.

Clone Classic Cuts

You probably know Clone Classic Cuts which has been re-releasing a lot of great music in the past years. There is now a nice compilation which gathers a lot of the releases on one CD…

Aciddome down

Aciddome has broken down. Trying to fix things as you read. broken fixed (migrated) posts X comments X categories X most attachments X (just need to change url’s now) url rewriting X (but, is it…

Turn Up The Bass @ iTunes

An eclectic mix of old house, acid and new beat music in the style of the Turn Up The Bass series, which was very popular in the beginning of the 90’s.

Señor Coconut’s Classics

You probably know about Señor Coconut’s Latin interpretations of Kraftwerk classics. I recently ran into another Coconut Album which includes makeovers from hits as “Sweet Dreams” (Eurythmics) and “Moscow Disco”. Check it out here.

Article about Acid @ Utrecht

In the NL30 Magazine there is a small article (two pages) about the current Acid scene in Utrecht. I have included the pages concerned in the link below. Read the article (Dutch): acid-utrecht

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