UKG Attempt

I know nothing about this music, but I like to listen to it from time to time.

Here an attempt at mixing some of it.

  • Hood Life (Rrotik remix) ,Doug English
  • Re-Rewind (original mix – feat Craig David) ,Artful Dodger feat Craig David
  • Gabriel (feat Peven Everett – live Garage version) ,Roy Davis Jr
  • Tuff Culture – Cosmos ,Four40 Records
  • Tuff Culture – Laws Of Attraction ,Tuff Culture
  • 187 Lockdown – Gunman (Rumor Control Special Edit) ,Rumor Control
  • Fake ID UKG Edit ,Riton & Kah Lo
  • Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure extended remix) ,Artful Dodger feat Lifford
  • A London Thing (feat MC Styles – full Length mix) ,Scott Garcia
  • Deep Inside ,Hardrive
  • Ripgroove (feat. Top Cat) [Rerecorded Original Vocal Mix] ,Double 99
  • Tuff Culture – Senses ,Four40 Records
  • Tuff Culture – Explanations ,Four40 Records
  • Tuff Culture – Boron ,Four40 Records