Clone Classic Cuts

You probably know Clone Classic Cuts which has been re-releasing a lot of great music in the past years. There is now a nice compilation which gathers a lot of the releases on one CD (or one download).

First Clone Classic Cuts compilation with some rare and influential dance tracks selected and remastered for future generations. At the time these where among the most cutting edge underground dance records around and its producers are critically acclaimed for their pioneering work. Now around 20 years after the original release, these tracks still sound totally fresh and are an influence for a new generation. This first compilation comes after 10 vinyl re-releases on the Clone Classic Cuts label, 10 releases which have been remastered from original masters found in dusty basements in Milan or Chicago, or remastered from one of the very rare original 12’’s with the best possible digital technologies.

Check out this music of Larry Heard (Mr Fingers) , Fockewulf 190 , Jackson Jones, Los Angeles TF, Tyree Cooper,Oppenheimer Analysis, Mike Dunn, Mystic (aka Rodney Bakerr), Gay Cat Park or Knight Action. it seems these pioneers were so far ahead of its time, you begin to wonder what the majority of the electronic-music producers have been working on these past two decades…

An essential timeless document!