Cybonix – Make This Party Live (Frustrated Funk / Clone)

A1 Make This Party Live
B1 Shake Your Body
B2 Let Your Body Rock

After three frustrated funk releases in straight up electro style this one brings us three booty electro tracks produced by D.I.E. for a change. Excellent dancefloor material, but also great for home listening as the tracks all got more melodic elements than the typical booty record.

The first track combines short repetitive rap samples, a chorus reminiscent of no ufo’s, pumping beats and subtle strings, which together creates a very energetic and slightly entrancing atmosphere with a dark edge.

The first B-side has a more dreamy approach, caused by lots of strings, a piano sample and a vocoded rap sample, without losing the pace. A good track for creating a break in a set without halting it altogether.

The final track is again more energetic but also sounds more repetitive than the others. One reason for that is probably the relatively sparse use of vocals. Probably less suitable for home listening, but excellent for use in long transistions.

The purpose of these tracks is very clear: good uncomplicated dancefloor material. All three tracks have the same flaw, there’s no real structure in the songs. They do not lead to anything except the next track. These tracks don’t need any direction though, they are beautiful to listen to anyway.

  1. Acieed Ed

    All three tracks have the same flaw, there’s no real structure in the songs. Does that mean it is more suited for DJ’s instead of home after all?
    Is the title also one of the samples? Looks like it is meant to be a party record already by looking at the title.

  2. Distorientation

    The titles are indeed also the samples. And the record is , in my opinion, good for both listening and DJing, structurewise not very interesting but nevertheless as a whole interesting enough to just listen to, except perhaps Let your body rock which is in my opinion a bit too much of the same throughout the track.

  3. m

    nice , but where can i listen to them??

  4. distorientation

    At your local recordshop ofcourse! and you can check out samples at the clone website.

  5. AED

    Ja – respect voor je lokale scene MZR!

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