Digital DJ

The Hercules Dj Console is sold at the local shop here for 250 euro’s. They include some software:
* Virtual DJ (DJ Console Edition) from Atomix Productions
* New DJ SE from GMIXON, the easy-to-use DJ mixing software
* Ots CD Scratch 1200 and OtsDJ demo from Ots Labs
* Storm 2.0 DJ Edition from Storm Music Studio, a powerful audio sequencer

I also found the M-Audio X-Session, which plays nice with Traktor. It generates MIDI signals, so Traktor can use that. You also get:
* Ableton Live XS and
* Arturia Storm XS
with it. Of course Ableton Live is a nice product.

The high-end option is of course Final Scratch, which Ritchie Hawtin and Wink are using.

Anyway – what I wanted to say is that it looks like there are more and more interfaces appearing that might make it feasible to drop the vinyl. Let’s see how long it lasts. Do as Kraftwerk – use a laptop 😉

If you use any of this stuff, let me know how you like it.

  1. ZoRQ

    Deze Hercules is door een testteam van de Interface binnen een week naar de klote geholpen. iedereen die deze wilt aanschaffen wil ik verzoeken ipv het ding te kopen je geld aan mij te doneren! 😉

  2. m

    wat is je rekeningnummer?

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