Hardcell – Cavok (Skunkworks)

A Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled

At last I found the time and the money to buy some new shit again. So as a preview to the live set at Awakenings here’s a review of Hardcell’s latest release.

The A side brings a driving techno track for the warehouses. Unlike most techno tracks brought out lately it’s not just pounding beats and irritating noises, but a fast paced techno tracks with great buildups and massive climaxes freely flowing into eachother. And the pounding beats as well, what more can you ask for?

The B-side holds two more techno tracks but a bit more on the detroit side, without losing the scandinavian touch. The first seems a bit slower than the others with a steady pace and no real climaxes, but Hardcell keeps it interesting none the less. The second one sounds a little harder, like the A side, but is not so minimal nor so aggresive. Actually it feels quite light, pretty unusual for such a firm techno track.

All in all Hardcell managed to deliver yet another highlight in contemporary techno, sticking out way above the norm for scandinavian techno these days.