Rewind Megamix

Monday morning – hard time waking up?

Check out this mix with tracks from Soundmurderer and SK-1, the guys behind the Rewind Records label.

I wrote about them before. Now a complete album has been released through Rephlex.

Download or Stream.

  1. Bong Selecta

    Nou, kom maar op dan…

    DLing nu.


  2. Bong Selecta


    Very nice set here!!!


  3. Acieed Ed

    Thanks Bong – where is your next Ragga set??/ 🙂 Cheers, AED

  4. 23trh

    yo cool mix could we have a playlist cause there’s some tracks that I don’t know the name

  5. AED

    It is basically all tracks that can be found at the rewind records website.

  6. 23trh

    thanx but the first one of your mix :’this sound’s called KILLAH’ isn’t on rewind records website or I’ve not search well. But i’ve allready heard it in mp3 with an other tune which say: ‘we we we have have have the the the tech tech tech … nology’ and this tune makes me crazy! do you know what are the real name of those tunes and on which release they are?

  7. Acieed Ed

    The Killah track is from REW EP 001 – Track is called Stylee
    Released by Rephlex and not Rewind Records.

    The other one you talk about I don’t know. It is a pretty old ssample though that appeared in ealry rave records also.

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