Dj Booths

Has it ever been easier to start a DJ career? I have collected four of the most whacky possibilities. Take your pick at your local electronics shop:

DJ Battle Mix Battle against your friends on the mixing decks!
Create various sounds by scratching either of the two mixing decks or by using the cross-fader between the two decks.
Between the 2 players you build up a pattern of sounds and moves, but the trick is that you have to remember and repeat each others moves before you can go on to the next level.
The winner is the player that can remember the most moves in the right order and they get to have a freestyle session on the mixing decks.
in freestyle they get to create their own sounds with a couple of different background beats to help. Requires 3 x AA batteries

The Vinylizer an electronic turntable platform–gives the 6.5-inch “DJ Skribble” (who, by the way, is a real DJ) plenty to do once you plug him in and start the music. There are buttons for nine music tracks (three urban, rave, and lounge grooves each), and corresponding turntable effects, and Skribble even shouts out “crowd-pleasers” when his head is moved.
Input jacks allow up to three “Spinheads” figures and their accessories to interact with the Vinylizer so, before you know it, there’s a disco in the playroom! Older kids, if they’d even play with the set, might notice some of the tracks and idioms are a bit dated. Still, it features lots of music, lights, sounds, and interaction, which means younger kids will have a ball.

Home Karaoke What fun! Play DJ in your own karaoke studio. This kid-friendly music machine has two turning record discs for “mixing” music and two drum pads for making different drum sounds, and a microphone for singing along.
The built-in piano plays 10 styles of music, from Reggae and Hip Hop to Polka and Rock & Roll.

Dutch Drivein Madness
Ingebouwde stereo versterker. Incl. 2 luidsprekerboxen, microfoon, hoofdtelefoon. Vermogen 2 x 24 Watt. Dubbele CD-speler met regelbare snelheid en CUE startvoorziening.
Ingebouwd mengpaneel met regelaars voor klankkleur, volume en cross fader. Met 2 LED-bar signaalsterktemeters. Extra aansluitingen voor platenspeler en cassettedeck aan de achterzijde.