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SF in de Online Bibliotheek

In de Online Bibliotheek is een kleine maar goede collectie Sci-Fi te vinden. Hier mijn favorieten: Frank Herbert – Duin Deel 1 van de magistrale Duin reeks van Frank Herbert. In de verre toekomst wordt…

The Analyst

One of the major problems encountered in time travel is not that of accidentally becoming your own father or mother. There is no problem involved in becoming your own father or mother that a broadminded…

Nice 8-bit video

As seen around the rest of the web. I was particularly struck by the fractal emulation at the end. Oh how often have we zoomed in in Fractint?

Record plant in NL

A report on (of all places) about the biggest record pressing plant in the world (they claim). In short: they press a lot of records! * The report is here, including a video

Sunrise Radio

Got an email form Paul from Sunrise Radio who asks: “Can you add this old skool / acid 80 / 90’s link to your website? Some of the mixing is live, but they have just…

New media player: Songbird

Songbird looks interesting. It combines blogs / music searching / podcasts and what not into one application. In a world gone mad, one media player stands alone: “Songbird”

Electronic Music Guide

This is a pretty interesting site. A visual guide to electronic music through the years with samples and interesting comments. Any genres you like that are not in there? 🙂

Old Versions

Sometimes older versions are better. In general, everything used to be better in the old days… Music, The Wheather (remember snow in Decemeber in Holland?),a dn even software. Therefore,