Don’t Type – Skype

Just recently I talked about Jabber an IM. But now we have Skype. It is P2P telephony which is very well secured. So, download the beta at and give me a ring. Calls between computers are for free.

It works best if you use a seperate microphone. If you are in an environment where you cannot talk, skype can be used to send secure instant messages. So, no need for MSN 😉

Edit – check out your local Bruna for a 12,00 Euro headset.

Jabber and IM

You probably never saw a nice looking Jabber client on the Windows Platform.

Check out the RhymBox. It looks great and works like a charm. It supports SSL (yeah!) and when your Jabberserver has some transports installed you can very easily use MSN, ICQ or whatever legacy system you have been using.

And, if you do not have a Jabber server, you can use RhymBox’s own Jabber server which has support for some other protocols built in already. Pretty friendly of them.

So – we have a choice now at least between booting the iBook and running Nitro or going for the Windows XP machine.

See you on Jabber!

UPDATE: The friendly Belgium guys developing Rhymbox have been cheated by some business assholes from the US. So if you wanna check their client out you should now point your browser to Pandion!

EEG used as RC (Science Thursday)

The notoriously vague EEG patterns are being used in an experiment to control a robot’s movement, promising wheelchair driving in the future.

This can of course be extrapolated and you can imagine easily other vehicles (cars) being controlled by this. Then you can also easily create a system that notices if people are drowsy or sleeping and give a waring signal.

How about controlling your 1200’s??? 🙂

Anyway, until now it is all very limited, see the New Scientist article about it.

Science Thursday again: No-Fly Zones

Surrounding city centres and likely terrorist targets with “soft walls” will make it impossible for hijacked planes to get anywhere near them. So say the inventors of an avionics system that creates no-fly zones that pilots cannot breach.

Since the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, anti-aircraft missile batteries have been installed to protect buildings in Washington DC and other US cities.

Read more about an alternative way to stop planes entering certain zones.

Scary thing about it is what to do if a pilot needs to make a certain move to be able to make a safe emergency-landing… That move might become impossible with such a system.

The power of physical goods

Nice one mate:

MP3’s are boring. You can’t touch them. You can’t feel them. There’s no sleeve. There’s no art work. You can’t show them to your friends. You can’t find one’s you’ve been after for years in second hand shops. You can’t rush to the door when the post man brings a couple of new ones.

Said bymatt_bassline on Discogs Forums.

I always claim that people these days underestimate the ower of physical goods. You can disagree of course, but remeber that your next birthday present will be a URL instead of a physical gift.