The power of physical goods

Nice one mate:

MP3’s are boring. You can’t touch them. You can’t feel them. There’s no sleeve. There’s no art work. You can’t show them to your friends. You can’t find one’s you’ve been after for years in second hand shops. You can’t rush to the door when the post man brings a couple of new ones.

Said bymatt_bassline on Discogs Forums.

I always claim that people these days underestimate the ower of physical goods. You can disagree of course, but remeber that your next birthday present will be a URL instead of a physical gift.

  1. m

    but cant you listen to them?
    and share them with others like air, love and happieness?

  2. Niek

    I agree with the M. Besides, I think the music industry is rapdily diminishing the value of their “tangibles” with their continuous price increases, soon no-one will have any bonding with cd’s but only with their mp3’s and mp3 players. I know I don’t, I’ve stopped buying cd’s some time ago and I an’t say I’m tempted to lift that ban.
    It also won’t help that an album is nowadays nothing more than 2 or 3 hits combined with 6 or 7 crappy tracks, why bother buying it if you can svae yourself the money and the time listening to the crap by just downloading the “good” stuff?

    Altough I do think mp3’s can never fully replace the record, or at least not anytime soon, because over time a lot of people just got the “feeling” with it, finding a cd you like is simply nothing like finding that record you’ve been looking for for ages (recent example from own experience: Mihon!). But perhaps when the vinyl junkies are becoming a minority mp3’s will take over, final scratch will take over DJing and online mp3 shops take over the music business, who knows?

  3. Acieed Ed

    Of course you can listen to them. The point was the thrill you get when you actually find that record you have been looking for for so long. See also this entry: images/000026.html. I would not really feel tempted to write that whole story down when I found those tracks in mp3 format.

    Anyway, if you have lived long enough without even a needle in your record player this whole argument of course doesn’t make sense for you 🙂

  4. m

    2 aed
    since this thursday i have a needle!!!!!
    and i can say you that its so good!!!
    last night i was playing records the whole night with my lovely baloon, and we were playing records from her and from my collection….
    [sup](how romanticzzz 🙂 )))
    tja het enige probleem is het omdraaien steeds maar ja dat zorgt voor wat verandering van posities ;P)[/sup]

  5. Acieed Ed

    See what I mean now 🙂 ?

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